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Seeking volunteers for NomCom
June 21, 2022

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
June 21, 2022
Seeking volunteers for NomCom
The IETF NomCom appoints people to fill the open slots on the IETF LLC, IETF
Trust, the IAB, and the IESG.  Ten voting members for the NomCom are selected
in a verifiably random way from a pool of volunteers. The more volunteers,
the better chance we have of choosing a random yet representative cross
section of the IETF population.

To volunteer click on this link: ttps://
Note that if you are selected for NomCom you are ineligble to be a candidate
for any position.

The primary activity for this NomCom will begin in shortly after IETF 114 in
July 2021 and should be completed by January 2022.  The NomCom will have
regularly scheduled conference calls to ensure progress. There will be
activities to collect requirements from the community, review candidate
responses, review feedback from community members about candidates, and
talk to candidates.

The details of the operation of the NomCom can be found in RFC 8713. RFC 3797
details the selection algorithm. Note that the IESG has already decided to
repeat the experiment detailed in RFC 8989 for this cycle. That is, in
addition to the traditional "Path 1" of eligibility (three out of the last
five meetings), there are two other ways to become eligible:
        Path 2. WG chair or Secretary within the past three years
        Path 3. Author of Editor (as listed on the front page) of two
           IETF stream RFC's within the past five years. An approved
           draft in the RFC Editor queue counts as an RFC.

Last year, there were no NomCom members from Path 2 or Path 3.  If you
qualify under those criteria, please consider volunteering.  The list of
positions will be announced soon, well before the NomCom is chosen, so you
can "back out" if you need to.

You can check your eligibility by logging in and viewing your profile page at Note that the code is being
reviewed, so if you dispute it please let me know.  Again, should you wish
To volunteer, click on this link:

While being a NomCom member does require some time commitment it is also
immeasurably important to the short-term future of the IETF.  I hope that one
outcome from this year's NomCom is that future volunteers will have much
better information about the commitment.  All NomCom meetings and candidate
interviews will be hybrid (a mix of virtual and remote).

You can find a detailed timeline on the NomCom web site shortly:

Within the next week or two, I will add more details on the timeline, as
well as details of the randomness seeds to be used for the RFC 3797
selection process.
Thank you! I will be in-person for IETF 114 (arriving Saturday, leaving early Friday morning) if you want to chat.

Rich Salz