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Subject: NomCom 2015-2016 Call for Volunteers
May 18, 2015

NomCom Chair 2015 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
May 18, 2015
Subject: NomCom 2015-2016 Call for Volunteers

DRAFT - points with XX need to be updated!

Subject: NomCom 2015-2016 Call for Volunteers

The IETF nomcom appoints folks to fill the open slots on the IAOC, the IAB,
and the IESG.

Ten voting members for the nomcom are selected in a verifiably random
way from a pool of volunteers. The more volunteers, the better chance we have
of choosing a random yet representative cross section of the IETF population.

The details of the operation of the nomcom can be found in RFC 7437,
and BCP10/RFC3797 details the selection algorithm.

Volunteers must have attended 3 of the past 5 IETF meetings.  As specified in
RFC 7437, that means three out of the five past meetings up to the time this
email announcement goes out to start the solicitation of volunteers.
The five meetings out of which you must have attended *three*

IETF 88 (Vancouver), \
         89 (London),       \
         90 (Toronto),         *** ANY THREE!
         91 (Honolulu),     /
         92 (Dallas)        /

If you qualify, please volunteer.   However, much as we want this, before you
decide to volunteer, please be sure you are willing to forgo appointment
to any of the positions for which this nomcom is responsible.

255 people volunteered by ticking the box on the IETF 92 registration form.
149 of these have been verified as eligible. I will contact all of these shortly.
Thank you for volunteering!

The list of people and posts whose terms end with the March 2016 IETF
meeting, and thus the positions for which this nomcom is responsible, are

No terms expire at this time.

Mary Barnes
Joe Hildebrand
Ted Hardie
Erik Nordmark
Brian Trammell
Marc Blanchet

Alissa Cooper (ART)
Barry Leiba (ART)
Brian Haberman (Internet)
Benoit Claise (Operations and Management)
Alia Atlas (Routing)
Kathleen Moriarty (Security)
Martin Stiemerling (Transport)

The Applications  and Real-Time (ART) area is the expected new area
resulting from the merge of the APP and RAI areas.
All appointments are for 2 years.
The ART and Routing areas have 3 ADs and the General area has 1; all other areas have 2 ADs.
Thus, all areas have at least one continuing AD.

The primary activity for this nomcom will begin in July 2015 and should be
completed in January 2016.   The nomcom will have regularly scheduled
conference calls to ensure progress. (We might dogfood WebRTC)
There will be activities to collect requirements from the community, review
candidate questionnaires, review feedback from community members about
candidates, and talk to candidates.

Thus, being a nomcom member does require some time commitment; but it is also
a very rewarding experience.

It is very important that you be able to attend IETF94 (Yokohama) to conduct interviews.
Being at IETF93 (Prague) is useful for orientation.  Being at IETF95 is not essential.

Please volunteer by sending me an email before 11:59 pm CET (UTC +2 hours)
June 22, 2015, as follows:

Subject: Nomcom 2015-16 Volunteer

Please include the following information in the email body:

Your Full Name: __________
    // as you write it on the IETF registration form
Current Primary Affiliation:
    // Typically what goes in the Company field
    // in the IETF Registration Form
Emails: _______________
   // All email addresses used to register for the past 5 IETF meetings
   // Preferred email address first
Telephone: _______________________
    // For confirmation if selected

You should expect an email response from me within 3 business days stating
whether or not you are qualified.  If you don't receive this response,
please re-send your email with the tag "RESEND"" added to the subject line.

If you are not yet sure if you would like to volunteer, please consider
that nomcom members play a very important role in shaping the leadership
of the IETF.  Questions by email or voice are welcome.
Volunteering for the nomcom is a great way to contribute to the IETF!

You can find a detailed timeline on the nomcom web site at:

I will be publishing a more detailed target timetable, as well as details
of the randomness seeds to be used for the RFC 3797 selection process,
within the next couple weeks.

Thank you!
Harald Alvestrand