Routing Area Directorate (rtgdir)

Directorate (with reviews) Name Routing Area Directorate
Acronym rtgdir
Area Routing Area (rtg)
State Active
Personnel Chairs LucAndré Burdet
Min Ye
Area Director Deborah Brungard
Secretaries LucAndré Burdet
Min Ye
Reviewers Acee Lindem
Adrian Farrel
Andrew Malis
Andy Smith
Ben Niven-Jenkins
Bruno Decraene
Carlos Pignataro
Christian Hopps
Daniele Ceccarelli
Dave Sinicrope
Dhruv Dhody
Emmanuel Baccelli
Eric Gray
Geoff Huston
Harish Sitaraman
He Jia
Henning Rogge
Himanshu Shah
IJsbrand Wijnands
Ines Robles
Joel Halpern
John Drake
John Scudder
Jon Mitchell
Jonathan Hardwick
Julien Meuric
Loa Andersson
Lou Berger
Mach Chen
Manav Bhatia
Matthew Bocci
Michael Richardson
Mike McBride
Nicolai Leymann
Patrice Brissette
Ravi Singh
Ron Bonica
Russ White
Sasha Vainshtein
Stewart Bryant
Stig Venaas
Susan Hares
Tal Mizrahi
Tomonori Takeda
Tony Przygienda
Victoria Pritchard
Yingzhen Qu
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The Routing Area Directorate is tasked to help the Routing Area Directors by performing specific tasks as set out below. Additional tasks may be added to this list over time.

Review all documents submitted to the IESG for publication that have routing significance

How is Review Triggered?

Triggered by request for early review (by any AD or by any Routing Area WG chair)

Triggered by document moving to 'publication requested' state (for routing area documents)

Triggered by IETF last call (for non-routing area documents that get IETF last call)

Triggered by entry on the IESG agenda (for other documents)

Who Reviews Each Document?

Each document is assigned to an individual member of the routing directorate

Assignments are made on a round-robin basis across the directorate. This ensures that we make full use of all the directorate members, and that each document gets a good cross-area review. This may mean that a reviewer will review a document that they do not have a deep background in. This is fine as the reviewer can always at least do a review for readability - and lack of readability is the number one issue that causes delays at the IESG stage of processing.

Reviewer responds rapidly with decision "yes, I will do it in appointed time", "yes, I will do it but need more time", "no, I cannot do it".

Routing Directorate review is not a substitute for the ADs reviewing documents that have major routing area implications.

Assist ADs with judgment issues when requested

The ADs may send email to the routing directorate list when they have issues that they want help with.