IP over Optical (ipo) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2004-01-08 (System) Concluded group
2002-12-16 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Framework draft to IESG as a informational RFC.", resolved as "Done"
2002-12-16 (System)
Changed milestone "Submit applicability statements describing the use of IP based protocols for signaling and dissemination of network topology state information in IP/Optical networks.", resolved ...
2002-03-09 (System) Changed milestone "Submit I-D on the unique features of optical networks that are relevant for path computation and signaling in IP/Optical contexts.", resolved as "Done"
2002-03-09 (System) Changed milestone "Submit I-D on 'carrier optical services' requirements for IP/Optical networks.", resolved as "Done"
2002-03-09 (System) Changed milestone "Produce Framework document with adequate motivation and detailed description of the context and solution space for IP/optical.", resolved as "Done"
2001-01-31 (System) Started group
2000-07-21 (System) Proposed group