TCP/UDP Over CLNP-Addressed Networks (tuba) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1995-05-22 (System) Concluded group
1993-01-31 (System) Changed milestone "Post as an Internet-Draft a revision to RFC 1347 reflecting lessons earned in the Working Group deliberation.", resolved as "Done"
1992-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Present the results of Working Group deliberations at the November IETF meeting.", resolved as "Done"
1992-10-30 (System)
Changed milestone "Post a Routing and Addressing specification as an Internet-Draft, coordinated with the Network OSI Operations Working Group and the IDRP for IP Working …
1992-10-08 (System) Changed milestone "Post the TUBA CLNP profile as an Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1992-10-08 (System) Changed milestone "Post Initial TUBA rational and discussion as an RFC. (RFC 1347)", resolved as "Done"
1992-10-08 (System) Changed milestone "Review and approve the charter.", resolved as "Done"
1992-10-08 (System) Changed milestone "Post the Initial TUBA DNS specification. (RFC 1348)", resolved as "Done"
1992-10-07 (System) Started group
1992-08-12 (System) Proposed group