Internet User Glossary (userglos) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1997-07-27 (System)
Changed milestone "Review Internet user needs and format for a glossary. Discussion of current ideas about the glossary and the outline development. Finalize outline and …
1997-07-27 (System) Changed milestone "Draft of glossary will be prepared, draft to be reviewed and modified.", resolved as "Done"
1996-08-19 (System) Concluded group
1995-07-21 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at Stockholm IETF to assemble corrections and additions to be used for the update of RFC 1392 (FYI 18).", resolved as "Done"
1995-06-09 (System)
Changed milestone "Examine the particular Internet user needs for a glossary and define the scope. Review, amend, and approve the Charter as necessary. Discussion of …
1995-06-08 (System) Started group
1995-06-05 (System) Proposed group