Agenda for ROLL at IETF-95

Meeting Agenda Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks (roll) WG
Title Agenda for ROLL at IETF-95
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Last updated 2016-03-21

Meeting Agenda

   ROLL Agenda - IETF 95

Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 (ART)

Time: 16:20-17:20 - Tuesday Afternoon session II

State of work items, ROLL I-D, Related I-D and Open Issues  (5  min.)
draft-ietf-roll-useofrplinfo (5 min)
draft-ietf-roll-routing-dispatch (15 min)
draft-jadhav-roll-no-path-dao-ps (15) - remotely
draft-vanderstok-roll-mpl-yang (5 min)
ROLL Charter discussion (10 min)
Open Floor (5 min)