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Digital Identity Exchange Protocol

Document Charter Digital Identity Exchange Protocol WG (dix)
Title Digital Identity Exchange Protocol
Last updated 2006-05-12
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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1. To consider the creation of a new IETF working group within the 
Applications Area titled "Digital Identity Exchange". The proposed 
charter for such a working group is attached, named 'draft-merrells-

2. To discuss and hone the scope of a DIX working group.

3. To discuss the architectural requirements that derive from the laws 
of identity identified by 'The Identity Gang' at 'The Berkman Center 
for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School'.

4. To discuss existing architectural implementations within the 
context of these requirements. An individual submission Internet Draft 
that describes one such implementation is attached, names 'draft-

5. To determine if there is enough interest and commitment to form a 
Working Group and if so to then discuss what the specific goals and 
milestones of that working group would be.