Minutes interim-2020-cose-02: Wed 16:00

Meeting Minutes CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (cose) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-cose-02: Wed 16:00
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Meeting Minutes

# COSE Virtual Interim

## Connection details

* Date: August 26, 2020
* Time: 16:00-17:00 UTC (09:00 Pacific, 18:00 CET):
* YouTube Recording:

## Attendees

* Ivaylo Petrov
* Matthew Miller
* Jim Schaad
* Jonathan Hammell
* Francesca Palombini
* Michael Richardson
* Peter Yee

## Action Items

* Chairs to mark a couple of questions looking for strong objections in the
mailing list (Default 2 documents) -- deadline 1 week * Chairs to ask question
in the mailing list from sl.3 (Default leave behind) -- deadline 1 week * Jim
to continue progressing the new document and wg to give feedback * Jim to add a
non normative descriptive paragraph about ignore this tag * Next meeting
(09-09-2020): Ben's discuss on struct doc

## Minutes

Leaving countersign behind in RFC 8152 is the preferred option. No objection
was heard for that.