Last Call Review of draft-ietf-dnsop-nsec-aggressiveuse-08

Team Ops Directorate (opsdir)
Title Last Call Review of draft-ietf-dnsop-nsec-aggressiveuse-08
Request Last Call - requested 2017-03-13
Reviewer Jouni Korhonen
Review result Has Nits
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Last updated 2017-03-27


I think would be ready if it passed IDnits. I found the document good read and found no sinkholes in it. Pointing up two implementations was also great.

The Proto Write-up seems not be up to date with what IDnits says e.g., when it comes to downrefs, which is what the IDnits complain about.

A couple of editorials:

Lines 118-119 says: "This takes this.." I would reword to something like:
   "This document takes using NXDOMAIN information for more effective caching further."

Lines 396 and 397 uses "is NOT" and "IS making". I would use lower case here. No reason to use capitalized and still non-RFC2119 language.

Line 407 is would be great to indicate since which version of Unbound support has been in place.