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Service Function Chaining (sfc)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts (4 hits)
9 pages
Network Service Header (NSH) Encapsulation for In-situ OAM (IOAM) Data
2022-05-18 Publication Requested 80
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Proposed Standard
Review: rtgdir LC
1 Andrew Alston
Greg Mirsky
37 pages
Active OAM for Service Function Chaining (SFC)
2022-07-25 Publication Requested 35
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Proposed Standard
1 Andrew Alston
Donald E. Eastlake 3rd
34 pages
Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) and Congestion Feedback Using the Network Service Header (NSH) and IPFIX
2022-04-18 I-D Exists
WG Document
Review: tsvart Early
6 pages
OAM Packet and Behavior in the Network Service Header (NSH)
2022-04-25 AD Evaluation 102
Submitted to IESG for Publication : Proposed Standard
Review: rtgdir LC
Action Holder: Andrew Alston 102
Andrew Alston
Greg Mirsky
Expired Internet-Drafts (7 hits)
23 pages
Service Function Chaining Use Cases In Data Centers
2017-02-22 Expired
WG Document

10 pages
SFC Long-lived Flow Use Cases
2015-02-06 Expired
In WG Last Call

Dr. Thomas Narten
9 pages
NSH Context Header Allocation for Broadband
2018-06-19 Expired
WG Document

8 pages
Network Service Header (NSH) MD Type 1: Context Header Allocation (Data Center)
2018-09-25 Expired
In WG Last Call : Informational

17 pages
Service Function Simple Offloads
2017-04-02 Expired
WG Document

26 pages
Service Function Chaining Use Cases in Mobile Networks
2019-01-01 Expired
In WG Last Call
Review: rtgdir Early

8 pages
Network Service Header TLVs
2017-10-18 Expired
Adopted by a WG

RFCs (9 hits)
13 pages
RFC 7498 (was draft-ietf-sfc-problem-statement)
Problem Statement for Service Function Chaining Errata
2015-04 Informational RFC 2 Alia Atlas
Joel M. Halpern
32 pages
RFC 7665 (was draft-ietf-sfc-architecture)
Service Function Chaining (SFC) Architecture Errata
2015-10 Informational RFC 12 Alia Atlas
Jim Guichard
40 pages
RFC 8300 (was draft-ietf-sfc-nsh)
Network Service Header (NSH) Errata
2018-01 Proposed Standard RFC 9 Alia Atlas
Joel M. Halpern
12 pages
RFC 8393 (was draft-farrel-sfc-convent)
Operating the Network Service Header (NSH) with Next Protocol "None"
2018-05 Proposed Standard RFC Alia Atlas
Tal Mizrahi
29 pages
RFC 8459 (was draft-ietf-sfc-hierarchical)
Hierarchical Service Function Chaining (hSFC)
2018-09 Experimental RFC Martin Vigoureux
Behcet Sarikaya
20 pages
RFC 8924 (was draft-ietf-sfc-oam-framework)
Service Function Chaining (SFC) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Framework
2020-10 Informational RFC 2 Martin Vigoureux
Tal Mizrahi
11 pages
RFC 8979 (was draft-ietf-sfc-serviceid-header)
Subscriber and Performance Policy Identifier Context Headers in the Network Service Header (NSH)
2021-02 Proposed Standard RFC Martin Vigoureux
Greg Mirsky
25 pages
RFC 9145 (was draft-ietf-sfc-nsh-integrity)
Integrity Protection for the Network Service Header (NSH) and Encryption of Sensitive Context Headers
2021-12 Proposed Standard RFC Martin Vigoureux
Greg Mirsky
15 pages
RFC 9263 (was draft-ietf-sfc-nsh-tlv)
Network Service Header (NSH) Metadata Type 2 Variable-Length Context Headers
2022-08 Proposed Standard RFC Andrew Alston
Greg Mirsky
Related Internet-Drafts (5 hits)
12 pages
Distributed SFC control for fog environments
2022-09-05 I-D Exists
15 pages 2022-09-11 I-D Exists 1
9 pages
NSH extensions for local distributed SFC control
2022-09-11 I-D Exists 1
16 pages
Architecture and application scenario for fused service function chain
2022-09-08 I-D Exists
24 pages
Service Function Chaining (SFC) Parallelism and Diversions
2022-05-31 I-D Exists