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Jean-Marc Valin
Pronouns: he/him

RFCs (8)

RFC Date Title Cited by
RFC 5574 Jun 2009 RTP Payload Format for the Speex Codec
RFC 6366 Aug 2011 Requirements for an Internet Audio Codec 2 RFCs
RFC 6562 Mar 2012 Guidelines for the Use of Variable Bit Rate Audio with Secure RTP 13 RFCs
RFC 6569 Mar 2012 Guidelines for Development of an Audio Codec within the IETF
RFC 6716 Sep 2012 Definition of the Opus Audio Codec 10 RFCs
RFC 7587 Jun 2015 RTP Payload Format for the Opus Speech and Audio Codec 5 RFCs
RFC 7874 May 2016 WebRTC Audio Codec and Processing Requirements 6 RFCs
RFC 8251 Oct 2017 Updates to the Opus Audio Codec

Active Internet-Drafts (4)

Expired Internet-Drafts (19)

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