Minutes IETF106: dnsop

Meeting Minutes Domain Name System Operations (dnsop) WG
Title Minutes IETF106: dnsop
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Meeting Minutes

IETF 106, Singapore
Chairs: Suzanne Woolf, Tim Wicinski, Benno Overeinder
Minutes taken by Paul Hoffman
Text from slides not given here

### Day 1 ###


Hackathon Report
Benno Overeinder
        Overview of the many projects from this Hackathon

Message Digest for DNS Zones
Duane Wessels
        (No slides)
        Added multiple digests per zone
        Two interoperable implementations
        Ready for WG Last Call? Proposed standard or experimental?
        Suzanne: Are people comfortable with deploying at scale, even with the
        experimental stuff in Section 5 John Levine: Doesn't understand what is
        hard to deploy with this
                Duane: Large dynamic zones
                John: Comfortable with static, and people will experiment later
        Alex Mayrhofer: Which are the implementations?
                Duane: LDNS in C, and Shane Kerr in Python
                Alex: Experimental
        Warren Kumari: If it experimental, we have to say what the experiment is
                Suzanne: That leans towards standards
                Benno: NLNetLabs plans to implement in next year

Extended DNS Errors
Wes Hardaker
        People seem to really care!
        Better than not caring
        Discussion of EDE overflow options
                Set TC bit, don't set TC bit, create new bit
                Ray Bellis: A minimal error response only needs the Question
                        Wes: Could still live in the wild
                Mike StJohns: Need to say for UDP-specific
                        Likes create new bit
                Ondrej Sury: Don't do anything special
                        Set TC bit
                Ralf Weber:
                        Set TC bit
                Eric Orth:
                        Create a new bit
                        Doesn't want to do another round trip
                Petr Špaček: Don't set TC bit
                Robert Story: Keep EDE but throw away glue records
                Brian Dickson: Use TC bit and create new bit
                Mike StJohns: Definition of TC bit says you will get the same
                thing back
                        Wes: No, it's a hint
                Ondrej: You could hit a different server if you come back over
        Forwarding case
                Brian: Locally-generated generated identity from ABCD group
                        Wants 4.1
                Ray: Don't do anything
                RalfW: Multiple boxes in the stream won't have been updated
                Ben Schwartz: Doesn't like the idea
                        Efficiency issue
                        There is no signal in the query, so you have to do this
                        all the time Forward it, or set your own answer
                Ondrej: Forwarding is not specified in this document, might be
                added when there is more experience
                        Wes: That's what we have now
                                The list wanted resolvers to pass to end uers
                Vittorio Bertola: Without tracing, will be useful
                Ray: EDNS doesn't work this way, it is really hop-by-hop
                Brian: Forwarders that don't know EDE don't add any value
                        Finding the resolver's name is the big value
        More on the list about both

Service binding and parameter specification via the DNS (DNS SVCB and HTTPSSVC)
Ben Schwartz
        Mark Andrews: Keep the zero
        Ray: Using a SHOULD may make getting early allocation for code point
        Eric: Wants shorter chain legths
                Come up with a better name
        Alex: Could the names be for the authoritative name server
        Mark: SHOULD is fine, if it isn't MUST
        (?) from Cloudflare: Is the alias form required?
                Ben: No
                        Examples are the most complicated possible
                        Will add simpler examples
        (?) from Jabber: Concerned about when no clients need ANAME record
        Brian: Updates DNAME and CNAME
        (?): ESNI has its own format
                Helps make server that only does HTTP3 clearer
        RalfW: With caching, the stub is rarely affected
                Hints section text is now superflouous?
                Ben: Requested from ESNI folks
                        Prevents the stub from doing chain-walking for address
                In 11.1, could not find key0 and key5
        Tommy Pauly: Needs to work well with resolvers that don't know about it
                What is the timeframe for the bikeshed?
        Ralf Dolmans: How does alias chain spread out?
                Ben: If resolver see an alias record, need to send out three
        Ondrej: Likes the idea of IP hint
        Dan York: Are there client implementers for this?
                Eric: Yes
        Mark: Wire formats need to be stable for early allocation
        David Schinazi: Yes, we want this
        Brian: Implementing at least the 0 case, maybe others

### Day 2 ###

DNS Transport over TCP - Operational Requirements
Duane Wessels
        Latest draft -05
                Mentions TLS
                Dropped TFO to MAY
                Other updates
        Ready for WG LC?
        Ondrej: Will use this document as a base for BIND updates
        Brian: Will look over it for GoDaddy suthoritative implementation
        Petr: We have feedback next year

Interoperable Domain Name System (DNS) Server Cookies
Willem Toorop
        PaulW: What privacy is gained?
                Willem: Don't send out the address when the address changes
        Wes: Agrees with PaulW, but why can't the client just change its secret
        all the time?
                Willem: The server would send the same cookie
                Wes: Client can decide how long its cookies live
                Willem: Client should notice if the server doesn't support
        Jim: How often is often?
                Willem: If your client IP does not change, you don't need to
                change it Jim: Give guidance about "often" Ondrej: Draft says
                one year
        PaulH: Maybe bring this to the list
        Suzanne: Next step is coding

Related Domains By DNS
Stephen Farrell
        Warren: Do you need both sides to point to each other for "related"?
                Stephen: Yes
        Warren: Likes the "unrelated" case
        Petr: Looking for practical use cases, not theoretical
                Stephen: Comcast has some
        Daniel Migault: Impact on size of responses?
                Stephen: Pretty small
        John L: Not convinced about DNSSEC-like
                Also: without the Mozilla PSL, this isn't useful
                Would want to do the DBOUND problem
                Stephen: Is there a small part of the problem that can be used?
        Tim: Salesforce has a real use case
                This is step 1
                Would like to see something like this start to happen
        John L: Useful to say "two subtrees are the same"
        Benno: Will take to mailing list
        PaulH: Define "this"
        Stephen: Maybe ask the list about each doc

Operational recommendations for management of DNSSEC Validator
Daniel Migault
        Leif Johanson: Is it meaniful to expose this to the outside world?
        "Here is how I establish trust?"
                Making trust auditable?
                Daniel: Haven't thought about it
                Leif: It's turtles all the way down
                Daniel: Underspecified in the current version
        Chris Box: Thank you for the document
                Really useful
                Daniel: Had issues for positioning correctly
        Yoshiro Yoneya: Supports document
                Impetus of MTA operation is to have more contact the customer
                support center Add this to the draft Daniel: Is in NTA document
        Lots of people now interested in reading the document

Avoid IP fragmentation in DNS
Kazunori Fujiwara
        Ondrej: There is a draft in the Int Area saying that fragmentation is
                All this is UDP-specific
                Let that draft finish first, then do DNS-specific things
        Warren: It is in RFC Editor queue
        John L: There is DNS-specific stuff that we can say
                Should adopt
        Brian: Might need embellishments, split out resolver-to-auth and
                Give the recommendations up front
        Geoff Huston: This is too prescriptive
                Jumping to solutions based on edge case
                Timeouts are most important
                Probably the wrong approach
                Davey Song's ATR
                For UDP, run with high MTUs because TCP is the last resort
                This is solving the 6-12% problem by making it a problem on
                everyone There is no hurry Not ready for adoption
        Brian: Vulnerability to cache poisoning due to fragmentation
        Suzanne: Shows a lot of effort, but we should wait and see the status
        on the Int Area work
                Then see what of this work is DNS-specific and useful
        Mark: Cookies are not perfect

User Assigned ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 Codes and the DNS Root Zone
Roy Arends
        Brian: Great, has a use case for it
                Prefer delegated unsiged
        Warren: Lots of thoughts
                Agree that we need an interal namespace
                Took it to ICANN
                Roy: Wants it to be private space
                        Doesn't want it to semantic
                Wants it to be semantic
                Needs to be an insecure delegation
                Wants it to go somewhere
                Read Suzanne's expired document
        Suzanne: IETF cannot decide what goes into the root zone
        Stewart Cheshire: Inspired idea, wish we had thought of it 15 years ago
                Discuss with ICANN to be sure there will not be conflict
                Teminology suggestion: don't use "private", but instead
                "internal" Different people have different views of who gets to
                choose the name Industry can pick within the industry
        Jim: Could become a rathole quickly
                Simpler is to list the codes, say "pick one"
        Terry Manderson: Loves this
                Avoids a lot of political skirmishes
        Wes: Do both signed and unsigned
                Roy: this could be the undelegated, .internal could be delegated
        Petr: Collisions will happen when organizations merge
                Terrible things will happen the longer it goes on
                Roy: Merging firms will have lots of problems
        Klensin: No representative of history
                TC 46 can do different things
                Roy: Looks for engagement on WG list
        (?) Gupta: Enterprise users don't read / don't care
                Who would anyone use this?
                Roy: There has never been a BCP, so we can point to it
        Stewart: As things evolve in the DNS
                The incentive increases for identifying internal names

Chairs: Please read draft-pusateri-dnsop-update-timeout because we ran out of