Minutes interim-2020-mpls-01: Tue 10:00

Meeting Minutes Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-mpls-01: Tue 10:00
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Meeting Minutes

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       MPLS Agenda For IETF 107 (Virtual Meeting)

    Session:  April 21st 2020, 14:00 - 15:30 UTC

    Etherpad: https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-107-mpls

    Meeting number (access code): 615 355 510 Meeting password: r7GynDmfp83

Bluesheet (please sign in here):
# Name, Affiliation

Tarek Saad, Juniper
Loa Andedersson, BDC
Nicolai Leymann, Deutsche Telekom
Vishnu Pavan Beeram, Juniper Networks
Rakesh Gandhi, Cisco
Stewart Bryant, Futurewei US
Xiao Min, ZTE
Dhruv Dhody, Huawei-India
Susan Hares: Huawei
Andy Malis, Malis Consulting
Eric Gray, Ericsson
Yuji Tochio, Fujitsu
Deborah Brungard ATT
Joel Halpern Ericsson
Acee Lindem, Cisco
Wim Henderickx Nokia
Matthew Bocci, Nokia
Tom Hill, BT
Reji Thomas, Juniper
Michael Breuer, ilSF
Greg Mirsky, ZTE
Adrian Farrel, Old Dog Consulting
John Scudder, Juniper
Yingzhen Qu, Futurewei
Evans Robicheaux, US Cellular
Ketan Talaulikar, Cisco
Balázs Varga (Ericsson)
Giuseppe Fioccola (Huawei)
Huaimo Chen, Futurewei
Alvaro Retana, Futurewei
Fan YANG,Huawei
Italo Busi, Huawei
Julien Meuric, Orange
Roberta Maglione, Cisco
Xufeng Liu, Volta Networks
Mach Chen, Huawei
Miao Fuyou, Huawei
Balaji Rajagopalan, Juniper Networks
Daniele Ceccarelli, Ericsson
Nagendra Kumar Nainar, Cisco

Online Agenda and Slides at:
Data tracker: http://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/mpls/

Meeting Details:
    Jabber:        xmpp:mpls@jabber.ietf.org?join
    Times in UTC

#   Start   Len(min)    Information

1   14:00   15          Title:      Administrivia & WG Status
                        Draft:      Several
                        Presenter:  Chairs

2   14:15   10          Title:      MPLS Data Plane Encapsulation for In-situ
OAM Data
                        Draft:      draft-gandhi-mpls-ioam-sr
                        Presenter:  Rakesh Gandhi

3   14:25   10          Title:      Performance Measurement for Segment Routing
Networks with MPLS Data Plane
                        Draft:      draft-gandhi-mpls-rfc6374-sr
                        Presenter:  Rakesh Gandhi

4   14:35   10          Title:
                        Draft:      Enhanced Performance and Liveness
                        Monitoring in Segment Routing Networks Presenter: 
                        Rakesh Gandhi

5   14:45   12          Title:      Label Distribution Using ARP
                        Draft:      draft-kompella-mpls-larp
                        Presenter:  Kireeti Kompella

                        Picking up work that is a bout 4-5 years old.
                        Tarek: What can we do for IPv6.
                        (L-)ARP is effective when you don't need to have a
                        mapping to every other node. Wim: since is widely there
                        is a risk extending it. One factor that drives this is
                        that DC's are looking to use MPLS as transport.

6   14:57   15          Title:      No Further Fast Reroute
                        Draft:      draft-kompella-mpls-nffrr
                        Presenter:  Kireeti Kompella
                        The point is that don't redo FRR. There is a discussion
                        on when we should take thediscussion on earluy
                        allocations, there is alwasy a rsk bringing it up too
                        early, especially if if you start mentioning a specific
                        label value, IANA might allocate that label for
                        something else.

7   15:12   12          Title:      Encapsulation For MPLS Performance
Measurement with Alternate Marking
                        Draft:      draft-cheng-mpls-inband-pm-encapsulation
                        Presenter:  Weiqiang