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Concluded Team Education (edu)

Note: The data for concluded Teams is occasionally incorrect.

Team Name Education
Acronym edu
Area General Area (gen)
State Concluded
Personnel Chairs Karen O'Donoghue, Rich Salz
Area Director Lars Eggert
Liaison Member Warren "Ace" Kumari
Materials Manager Karen O'Donoghue
Mailing list Address
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Final Group description

The Education (EDU) Team manages the internal educational activities of the IETF with the goal of improving the effectiveness of IETF operations. We strive to improve the effectiveness of IETF leaders and participants by offering training sessions and educational materials that clarify their roles and responsibilities and prepare them to be more effective in their roles. The EDU Team is open to anyone who wants to participate and reports to the EMODIR.

The EDU Team consists of team leader(s) and open participation. The team leader(s) are appointed by, and report to, the General Area Director and the EMODIR.