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Version 5.13.0, 2015-03-25
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Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (alto)

Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Draft
  draft-ietf-alto-deployments-11 ALTO Deployment Considerations 2015-03-02 I-D Exists
WG Document
  RFC 5693
(was draft-ietf-alto-problem-statement)
Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Problem Statement 2009-10 RFC 5693 (Informational) Lisa Dusseault
  RFC 6708
(was draft-ietf-alto-reqs)
Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Requirements 2012-09 RFC 6708 (Informational) Wesley Eddy
Enrico Marocco
  RFC 7285
(was draft-ietf-alto-protocol)
Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Protocol 2014-09 RFC 7285 (Proposed Standard) Spencer Dawkins
Enrico Marocco
  RFC 7286
(was draft-ietf-alto-server-discovery)
Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Server Discovery 2014-11 RFC 7286 (Proposed Standard) 1 Spencer Dawkins
Vijay Gurbani
Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
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  draft-fu-alto-nfv-usecase-04 What's the Impact of Virtualization on Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO)? 2015-03-08 I-D Exists
  draft-huang-alto-nts-framework-00 Network Topology Service (NTS) Framework 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-huang-alto-topocomp-framework-00 Network Topology Service (NTS) Framework 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-randriamasy-alto-cost-calendar-03 ALTO Cost Calendar 2015-03-09 I-D Exists 1
  draft-randriamasy-alto-multi-cost-10 Multi-Cost ALTO 2015-03-09 I-D Exists 1
  draft-rauschenbach-alto-wireless-access-00 ALTO in wireless access networks 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
  draft-roome-alto-incr-update-sse-02 ALTO Incremental Updates Using Server-Sent Events (SSE) 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-roome-alto-pid-properties-03 PID Property Extension for ALTO Protocol 2015-01-23 I-D Exists
  draft-roome-alto-resource-attr-00 Resource Attributes for ALTO Protocol 2014-10-08
expires soon
I-D Exists
  draft-shi-alto-yang-json-00 Modeling JSON Messages Using YANG 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
  draft-shi-alto-yang-model-03 A YANG Data Model for Base ALTO Data 2015-03-22 I-D Exists
  draft-wu-alto-te-metrics-05 ALTO Traffic Engineering Cost Metrics 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
  draft-yang-alto-path-vector-00 ALTO Topology Extension: Path Vector as a Cost Mode 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-yang-alto-topology-06 ALTO Topology Extensions: Node-Link Graphs 2015-03-09 I-D Exists