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Internet Engineering Steering Group (iesg)

IESG Appeals

Date Appeal
2023-08-15 Appeal: IESG Statement on Guidance on In-Person and Online Interim Meetings (John Klensin, 2023-08-15)
2023-07-19 Appeal of current Guidance on in-Person and Online meetings (Ted Hardie, Alan Frindell, 2023-07-19)
2020-07-08 Appeal re: URI Scheme Application and draft-mcsweeney-drop-scheme (Tim McSweeney, 2020-07-08)
2020-04-22 Appeal to the IESG re WGLC of draft-ietf-spring-srv6-network-programming (Fernando Gont, Andrew Alston, and Sander Steffann, 2020-04-22)
2020-02-04 Appeal re Protocol Action: 'URI Design and Ownership' to Best Current Practice (draft-nottingham-rfc7320bis-03.txt) (John Klensin; 2020-02-04)
2018-07-07 Appeal of IESG Conflict Review process and decision on draft-mavrogiannopoulos-pkcs8-validated-parameters-02 (John Klensin; 2018-07-07)
2017-11-29 Appeal of IESG decision to defer action and request that ISE publish draft-klensin-dns-function-considerations (John Klensin; 2017-11-29)
2015-03-11 Appeal to the IESG concerning its approval of the "draft-ietf-ianaplan-icg-response" (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2015-03-11)
2014-08-28 Appeal re tzdist mailing list moderation (Tobias Conradi; 2014-08-28) / Withdrawn by Submitter
2013-11-14 Appeal re draft-masotta-tftpexts-windowsize-opt (Patrick Masotta; 2013-11-14)
2013-06-19 Appeal re draft-ietf-manet-nhdp-sec-threats (Abdussalam Baryun; 2013-06-19)
2013-05-30 Appeal of decision to advance RFC6376 (Douglas Otis; 2013-05-30)
2013-04-05 Appeal to the IESG in regards to RFC 6852 (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2013-04-05)
2010-03-10 Appeal to the IESG concerning the approbation of the IDNA2008 document set (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2010-03-10)
2009-02-16 Authentication-Results Header Field Appeal (Douglas Otis, David Rand; 2009-02-16) / Withdrawn by Submitter
2008-11-14 Appeal to the IAB of IESG rejection of Appeal to Last Call draft-ietf-grow-anycast (Dean Anderson; 2008-11-14)
2008-09-10 Appeal to the IESG Concerning the Way At Large Internet Lead Users Are Not Permitted To Adequately Contribute to the IETF Deliverables (JFC Morfin; 2008-09-10)
2008-07-28 Appeal over suspension of posting rights for Todd Glassey (Todd Glassey; 2008-07-28)
2008-06-13 Appeal against IESG blocking DISCUSS on draft-klensin-rfc2821bis (John C Klensin; 2008-06-13)
2007-12-26 Appeal: Continued Abuse of Process by IPR-WG Chair (Dean Anderson; 2007-12-26)
2007-11-26 Appeal to the IESG from Todd Glassey (Todd Glassey; 2007-11-26)
2007-06-22 Appeal Against the Removal of the Co-Chairs of the GEOPRIV Working Group (PDF file) (Randall Gellens, Allison Mankin, and Andrew Newton; 2007-06-22)
2006-10-24 Appeal concerning the WG-LTRU rechartering (JFC Morfin; 2006-10-24)
2006-09-09 Appeal against decision within July 10 IESG appeal dismissal (JFC Morfin; 2006-09-09)
2006-08-29 Appeal: Mandatory to implement HTTP authentication mechanism in the Atom Publishing Protocol (Robert Sayre; 2006-08-29)
2006-08-16 Appeal Against IESG Decisions Regarding the draft-ietf-ltru-matching (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2006-08-16)
2006-06-14 Amended Appeal Re: grow: Last Call: 'Operation of Anycast Services' to BCP (draft-ietf-grow-anycast) (Dean Anderson; 2006-06-14)
2006-05-17 Appeal Against an IESG Decision Denying Me IANA Language Registration Process by way of PR-Action (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2006-05-17)
2006-03-08 Appeal to the IESG of PR-Action against Dean Anderson (Dean Anderson; 2006-03-08)
2006-02-20 Appeal to IESG against AD decision: one must clear the confusion opposing the RFC 3066 Bis consensus (JFC Morfin; 2006-02-20)
2006-02-17 Appeal to the IESG of an IESG decision (JFC Morfin; 2006-02-17)
2006-02-07 Appeal to the IESG in reference to the mailing list (JFC Morfin; 2006-02-07)
2006-01-14 Appeal to the IESG against an IESG decision concerning RFC 3066 Bis Draft (JFC Morfin; 2006-01-14)
2005-10-19 Appeal over a key change in a poor RFC 3066 bis example (JFC Morfin; 2005-10-19)
2005-08-29 Additional appeal against publication of draft-lyon-senderid-* in regards to its recommended use of Resent- header fields in the way that is inconsistant with RFC2822(William Leibzon; 2005-08-29)
2005-08-25 Appeal: Publication of draft-lyon-senderid-core-01 in conflict with referenced draft-schlitt-spf-classic-02 (Julian Mehnle; 2005-08-25)
2005-06-10 Appeal of decision to standardize "Mapping Between the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Internet Mail" (John C Klensin; 2005-06-10)
2003-11-15 Appeal regarding IESG decision on the GROW WG (David Meyer; 2003-11-15)
2003-08-06 Appeal: Official notice of appeal on suspension rights (Todd Glassey; 2003-08-06)
2003-07-31 Appeal: AD response to Site-Local Appeal (Tony Hain; 2003-07-31)
2003-01-15 Appeal against IESG decision for draft-chiba-radius-dynamic-authorization-05.txt (Glen Zorn; 2003-01-15)
2002-11-05 Appeal Against moving draft-ietf-ipngwg-addr-arch-v3 to Draft Standard (Robert Elz; 2002-11-05)