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Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls)

Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts
  draft-ietf-mpls-app-aware-tldp-00 Application-aware Targeted LDP 2015-02-17 I-D Exists
WG Document
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-entropy-lsp-ping-00 Label Switched Path (LSP) and Pseudowire (PW) Ping/Trace over MPLS Network using Entropy Labels (EL) 2014-12-09 I-D Exists
WG Document
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-in-udp-11 Encapsulating MPLS in UDP 2015-01-31 RFC Ed Queue (for 23 days)
RFC Editor State: EDIT
Submitted to IESG for Publication
2 Alia Atlas
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-ip-pw-capability-09 Controlling State Advertisements Of Non-negotiated LDP Applications 2015-01-18 RFC Ed Queue (for 43 days)
RFC Editor State: AUTH48
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-ipv6-17 Updates to LDP for IPv6 2015-02-25 Approved-announcement to be sent (for 0 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-mrt-00 LDP Extensions to Support Maximally Redundant Trees 2015-01-08 I-D Exists
WG Document
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-lag-multipath-00 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping/Trace Multipath Support for Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Interfaces 2015-01-08 I-D Exists
WG Document
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-mpls-tp-oam-conf-09 Configuration of Proactive Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Functions for MPLS-based Transport Networks using LSP Ping 2015-01-26 I-D Exists
WG Document
Ross Callon
  draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-registry-02 IANA registries for LSP ping Code Points 2015-02-16 IESG Evaluation (for 1 day)
IESG Telechat: 2015-03-05
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Adrian Farrel
Ross Callon
  draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-relay-reply-06 Relayed Echo Reply mechanism for LSP Ping 2014-12-05 AD is watching
WG Document
2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-reply-mode-simple-01 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping/Traceroute Reply Mode Simplification 2015-01-05 I-D Exists
WG Document
  draft-ietf-mpls-mldp-node-protection-05 mLDP Node Protection 2015-02-09 Publication Requested (for 8 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-oam-ipv6-rao-03 IPv6 Router Alert Option for MPLS OAM 2015-02-04 RFC Ed Queue (for 9 days)
RFC Editor State: EDIT
Submitted to IESG for Publication Jun 2015
Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-proxy-lsp-ping-04 Proxy MPLS Echo Request 2015-02-26 IESG Evaluation (for 5 days)
IESG Telechat: 2015-03-05
Submitted to IESG for Publication Jun 2015
3 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-rfc6374-udp-return-path-02 RFC6374 UDP Return Path 2014-09-25 I-D Exists
WG Document
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-seamless-mcast-17 Inter-Area P2MP Segmented LSPs 2015-02-20 RFC Ed Queue (for 9 days)
RFC Editor State: EDIT
Submitted to IESG for Publication
1 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-seamless-mpls-07 Seamless MPLS Architecture 2014-06-28 AD Evaluation (for 135 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
3 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  draft-ietf-mpls-tp-linear-protection-mib-04 MPLS Transport Profile Linear Protection MIB 2015-02-03 I-D Exists
WG Document
Young Lee
  draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-id-mib-08 MPLS-TP Operations, Administration, and Management (OAM) Identifiers Management Information Base (MIB) 2015-02-26 Publication Requested (for 2 days)
Submitted to IESG for Publication
Adrian Farrel
Mach Chen
  draft-ietf-mpls-tp-temporal-hitless-psm-06 Temporal and hitless path segment monitoring 2015-02-27 I-D Exists
Waiting for WG Chair Go-Ahead
Ross Callon
  RFC 2702
(was draft-ietf-mpls-traffic-eng)
Requirements for Traffic Engineering Over MPLS 1999-09 RFC 2702 (Informational)
  RFC 3031
(was draft-ietf-mpls-arch)
Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture 2001-01 RFC 3031 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6178, RFC6790
  RFC 3032
(was draft-ietf-mpls-label-encaps)
MPLS Label Stack Encoding 2001-01 RFC 3032 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3033
(was draft-ietf-mpls-git-uus)
The Assignment of the Information Field and Protocol Identifier in the Q.2941 Generic Identifier and Q.2957 User-to-user Signaling for the Internet Protocol 2001-01 RFC 3033 (Proposed Standard) 1
  RFC 3034
(was draft-ietf-mpls-fr)
Use of Label Switching on Frame Relay Networks Specification 2001-01 RFC 3034 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3035
(was draft-ietf-mpls-atm)
MPLS using LDP and ATM VC Switching 2001-01 RFC 3035 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3036
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp)
LDP Specification 2001-01 RFC 3036 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5036
  RFC 3037
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-applic)
LDP Applicability 2001-01 RFC 3037 (Informational)
  RFC 3038
(was draft-ietf-mpls-vcid-atm)
VCID Notification over ATM link for LDP 2001-01 RFC 3038 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7274
  RFC 3063
(was draft-ietf-mpls-loop-prevention)
MPLS Loop Prevention Mechanism 2001-02 RFC 3063 (Experimental)
  RFC 3107
(was draft-ietf-mpls-bgp4-mpls)
Carrying Label Information in BGP-4 2001-05 RFC 3107 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6790
  RFC 3209
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-lsp-tunnel)
RSVP-TE: Extensions to RSVP for LSP Tunnels 2001-12 RFC 3209 (Proposed Standard) 3
  RFC 3210
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-tunnel-applicability)
Applicability Statement for Extensions to RSVP for LSP-Tunnels 2001-12 RFC 3210 (Informational)
  RFC 3212
(was draft-ietf-mpls-cr-ldp)
Constraint-Based LSP Setup using LDP 2002-01 RFC 3212 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC3468, RFC7358
  RFC 3213
(was draft-ietf-mpls-crldp-applic)
Applicability Statement for CR-LDP 2002-01 RFC 3213 (Informational)
  RFC 3214
(was draft-ietf-mpls-crlsp-modify)
LSP Modification Using CR-LDP 2002-01 RFC 3214 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3215
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-state)
LDP State Machine 2002-01 RFC 3215 (Informational)
  RFC 3270
(was draft-ietf-mpls-diff-ext)
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Support of Differentiated Services 2002-05 RFC 3270 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5462
Scott Bradner
  RFC 3353
(was draft-ietf-mpls-multicast)
Overview of IP Multicast in a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Environment 2002-08 RFC 3353 (Informational) Scott Bradner
  RFC 3443
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ttl)
Time To Live (TTL) Processing in Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks 2003-01 RFC 3443 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5462
Scott Bradner
  RFC 3468
(was draft-andersson-mpls-sig-decision)
The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Working Group decision on MPLS signaling protocols 2003-02 RFC 3468 (Informational) Scott Bradner
  RFC 3469
(was draft-ietf-mpls-recovery-frmwrk)
Framework for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based Recovery 2003-02 RFC 3469 (Informational)
Updated by RFC5462
Scott Bradner
  RFC 3477
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-unnum)
Signalling Unnumbered Links in Resource ReSerVation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) 2003-02 RFC 3477 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6107
Scott Bradner
  RFC 3478
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-restart)
Graceful Restart Mechanism for Label Distribution Protocol 2003-02 RFC 3478 (Proposed Standard) 3 Scott Bradner
  RFC 3479
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-ft)
Fault Tolerance for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 2003-02 RFC 3479 (Proposed Standard) Scott Bradner
  RFC 3480
(was draft-ietf-mpls-crldp-unnum)
Signalling Unnumbered Links in CR-LDP (Constraint-Routing Label Distribution Protocol) 2003-02 RFC 3480 (Proposed Standard) Scott Bradner
  RFC 3612
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-restart-applic)
Applicability Statement for Restart Mechanisms for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 2003-09 RFC 3612 (Informational) Alex Zinin
  RFC 3811
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tc-mib)
Definitions of Textual Conventions (TCs) for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management 2004-06 RFC 3811 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7274
Alex Zinin
  RFC 3812
(was draft-ietf-mpls-te-mib)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering (TE) Management Information Base (MIB) 2004-06 RFC 3812 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 3813
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lsr-mib)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switching Router (LSR) Management Information Base (MIB) 2004-06 RFC 3813 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 3814
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ftn-mib)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Forwarding Equivalence Class To Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry (FEC-To-NHLFE) Management Information Base (MIB) 2004-06 RFC 3814 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 3815
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-mib)
Definitions of Managed Objects for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 2004-06 RFC 3815 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 3988
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-mtu-extensions)
Maximum Transmission Unit Signalling Extensions for the Label Distribution Protocol 2005-02 RFC 3988 (Experimental) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4023
(was draft-ietf-mpls-in-ip-or-gre)
Encapsulating MPLS in IP or Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) 2005-03 RFC 4023 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5332
Alex Zinin
  RFC 4090
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-lsp-fastreroute)
Fast Reroute Extensions to RSVP-TE for LSP Tunnels 2005-05 RFC 4090 (Proposed Standard) 5 Alex Zinin
  RFC 4182
(was draft-ietf-mpls-explicit-null)
Removing a Restriction on the use of MPLS Explicit NULL 2005-09 RFC 4182 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5462, RFC7274
Alex Zinin
  RFC 4201
(was draft-ietf-mpls-bundle)
Link Bundling in MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) 2005-10 RFC 4201 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4206
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-hierarchy)
Label Switched Paths (LSP) Hierarchy with Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Traffic Engineering (TE) 2005-10 RFC 4206 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6001, RFC6107
1 Scott Bradner
  RFC 4220
(was draft-ietf-mpls-telink-mib)
Traffic Engineering Link Management Information Base 2005-11 RFC 4220 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4221
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mgmt-overview)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management Overview 2005-11 RFC 4221 (Informational) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4368
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lc-if-mib)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label-Controlled Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame-Relay Management Interface Definition 2006-01 RFC 4368 (Proposed Standard) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4377
(was draft-ietf-mpls-oam-requirements)
Operations and Management (OAM) Requirements for Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) Networks 2006-02 RFC 4377 (Informational) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4378
(was draft-ietf-mpls-oam-frmwk)
A Framework for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Operations and Management (OAM) 2006-02 RFC 4378 (Informational) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4379
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping)
Detecting Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) Data Plane Failures 2006-02 RFC 4379 (Proposed Standard) 2 Alex Zinin
  RFC 4420
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvpte-attributes)
Encoding of Attributes for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switched Path (LSP) Establishment Using Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) 2006-02 RFC 4420 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5420
Alex Zinin
  RFC 4461
(was draft-ietf-mpls-p2mp-sig-requirement)
Signaling Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint Traffic-Engineered MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs) 2006-04 RFC 4461 (Informational) Alex Zinin
  RFC 4561
(was draft-ietf-mpls-nodeid-subobject)
Definition of a Record Route Object (RRO) Node-Id Sub-Object 2006-06 RFC 4561 (Proposed Standard) 2 Alex Zinin
  RFC 4687
(was draft-ietf-mpls-p2mp-oam-reqs)
Operations and Management (OAM) Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS Networks 2006-09 RFC 4687 (Informational) Ross Callon
  RFC 4781
(was draft-ietf-mpls-bgp-mpls-restart)
Graceful Restart Mechanism for BGP with MPLS 2007-01 RFC 4781 (Proposed Standard) 3 Alex Zinin
  RFC 4817
(was draft-ietf-mpls-over-l2tpv3)
Encapsulation of MPLS over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 2007-03 RFC 4817 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 4859
(was draft-ietf-mpls-iana-rsvp-session-flags)
Codepoint Registry for the Flags Field in the Resource Reservation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Session Attribute Object 2007-04 RFC 4859 (Informational) Bill Fenner
  RFC 4875
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-te-p2mp)
Extensions to Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) for Point-to-Multipoint TE Label Switched Paths (LSPs) 2007-05 RFC 4875 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6510
5 Ross Callon
  RFC 4928
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ecmp-bcp)
Avoiding Equal Cost Multipath Treatment in MPLS Networks 2007-06 RFC 4928 (Best Current Practice)
Updated by RFC7274
Ross Callon
  RFC 4950
(was draft-ietf-mpls-icmp)
ICMP Extensions for Multiprotocol Label Switching 2007-08 RFC 4950 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5036
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rfc3036bis)
LDP Specification 2007-10 RFC 5036 (Draft Standard)
Updated by RFC6720, RFC6790, RFC7358
2 Bill Fenner
  RFC 5037
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-experience)
Experience with the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 2007-10 RFC 5037 (Informational) Bill Fenner
  RFC 5038
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-survey2002)
The Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Implementation Survey Results 2007-10 RFC 5038 (Informational) Bill Fenner
  RFC 5283
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-interarea)
LDP Extension for Inter-Area Label Switched Paths (LSPs) 2008-07 RFC 5283 (Proposed Standard) 3 Ross Callon
  RFC 5330
(was draft-ietf-mpls-number-0-bw-te-lsps)
A Link-Type sub-TLV to Convey the Number of Traffic Engineering Label Switched Paths Signalled with Zero Reserved Bandwidth across a Link 2008-10 RFC 5330 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5331
(was draft-ietf-mpls-upstream-label)
MPLS Upstream Label Assignment and Context-Specific Label Space 2008-08 RFC 5331 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7274
1 Ross Callon
  RFC 5332
(was draft-ietf-mpls-multicast-encaps)
MPLS Multicast Encapsulations 2008-08 RFC 5332 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5439
(was draft-ietf-mpls-te-scaling-analysis)
An Analysis of Scaling Issues in MPLS-TE Core Networks 2009-02 RFC 5439 (Informational) Ross Callon
  RFC 5443
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-igp-sync)
LDP IGP Synchronization 2009-03 RFC 5443 (Informational)
Updated by RFC6138
David Ward
  RFC 5462
(was draft-ietf-mpls-cosfield-def)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Stack Entry: "EXP" Field Renamed to "Traffic Class" Field 2009-02 RFC 5462 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5561
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-capabilities)
LDP Capabilities 2009-07 RFC 5561 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5586
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-gach-gal)
MPLS Generic Associated Channel 2009-06 RFC 5586 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5654
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-requirements)
Requirements of an MPLS Transport Profile 2009-09 RFC 5654 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5710
(was draft-ietf-mpls-gmpls-lsp-reroute)
PathErr Message Triggered MPLS and GMPLS LSP Reroutes 2010-01 RFC 5710 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5711
(was draft-ietf-mpls-3209-patherr)
Node Behavior upon Originating and Receiving Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Path Error Messages 2010-01 RFC 5711 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5712
(was draft-ietf-mpls-soft-preemption)
MPLS Traffic Engineering Soft Preemption 2010-01 RFC 5712 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5718
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-gach-dcn)
An In-Band Data Communication Network For the MPLS Transport Profile 2010-01 RFC 5718 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
  RFC 5860
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-requirements)
Requirements for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) in MPLS Transport Networks 2010-05 RFC 5860 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5918
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-typed-wildcard)
Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 'Typed Wildcard' Forward Equivalence Class (FEC) 2010-08 RFC 5918 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7358
Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5919
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-end-of-lib)
Signaling LDP Label Advertisement Completion 2010-08 RFC 5919 (Proposed Standard) 3 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5920
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mpls-and-gmpls-security-framework)
Security Framework for MPLS and GMPLS Networks 2010-07 RFC 5920 (Informational) Tim Polk
  RFC 5921
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-framework)
A Framework for MPLS in Transport Networks 2010-07 RFC 5921 (Informational)
Updated by RFC6215, RFC7274
1 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5950
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-nm-framework)
Network Management Framework for MPLS-based Transport Networks 2010-09 RFC 5950 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5951
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-nm-req)
Network Management Requirements for MPLS-based Transport Networks 2010-09 RFC 5951 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 5960
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-data-plane)
MPLS Transport Profile Data Plane Architecture 2010-08 RFC 5960 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7274
Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6138
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-igp-sync-bcast)
LDP IGP Synchronization for Broadcast Networks 2011-02 RFC 6138 (Informational) 1 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6178
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ip-options)
Label Edge Router Forwarding of IPv4 Option Packets 2011-03 RFC 6178 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6215
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-uni-nni)
MPLS Transport Profile User-to-Network and Network-to-Network Interfaces 2011-04 RFC 6215 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6348
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mp-ldp-reqs)
Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint Extensions to the Label Distribution Protocol 2011-09 RFC 6348 (Historic) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6370
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-identifiers)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Identifiers 2011-09 RFC 6370 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6371
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-framework)
Operations, Administration, and Maintenance Framework for MPLS-Based Transport Networks 2011-09 RFC 6371 (Informational)
Updated by RFC6435
1 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6372
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-survive-fwk)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Survivability Framework 2011-09 RFC 6372 (Informational) Stewart Bryant
  RFC 6374
(was draft-ietf-mpls-loss-delay)
Packet Loss and Delay Measurement for MPLS Networks 2011-09 RFC 6374 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7214
3 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6375
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-loss-delay-profile)
A Packet Loss and Delay Measurement Profile for MPLS-Based Transport Networks 2011-09 RFC 6375 (Informational) 1 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6378
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-linear-protection)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Linear Protection 2011-10 RFC 6378 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7214, RFC7271, RFC7324
Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6388
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-p2mp)
Label Distribution Protocol Extensions for Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths 2011-11 RFC 6388 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7358
5 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6389
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-upstream)
MPLS Upstream Label Assignment for LDP 2011-11 RFC 6389 (Proposed Standard) 4 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6424
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-enhanced-dsmap)
Mechanism for Performing Label Switched Path Ping (LSP Ping) over MPLS Tunnels 2011-11 RFC 6424 (Proposed Standard) 2 Stewart Bryant
  RFC 6425
(was draft-ietf-mpls-p2mp-lsp-ping)
Detecting Data-Plane Failures in Point-to-Multipoint MPLS - Extensions to LSP Ping 2011-11 RFC 6425 (Proposed Standard) Stewart Bryant
  RFC 6426
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-on-demand-cv)
MPLS On-Demand Connectivity Verification and Route Tracing 2011-11 RFC 6426 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6427
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-fault)
MPLS Fault Management Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) 2011-11 RFC 6427 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7214
2 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6428
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-cc-cv-rdi)
Proactive Connectivity Verification, Continuity Check, and Remote Defect Indication for the MPLS Transport Profile 2011-11 RFC 6428 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7214
Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6435
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-li-lb)
MPLS Transport Profile Lock Instruct and Loopback Functions 2011-11 RFC 6435 (Proposed Standard) 3 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6445
(was draft-ietf-mpls-fastreroute-mib)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering Management Information Base for Fast Reroute 2011-11 RFC 6445 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6511
(was draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-te-no-php-oob-mapping)
Non-Penultimate Hop Popping Behavior and Out-of-Band Mapping for RSVP-TE Label Switched Paths 2012-02 RFC 6511 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6512
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mldp-recurs-fec)
Using Multipoint LDP When the Backbone Has No Route to the Root 2012-02 RFC 6512 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6639
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-mib-management-overview)
Multiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) MIB-Based Management Overview 2012-06 RFC 6639 (Informational) Stewart Bryant
  RFC 6669
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-analysis)
An Overview of the Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Toolset for MPLS-Based Transport Networks 2012-07 RFC 6669 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6670
(was draft-sprecher-mpls-tp-oam-considerations)
The Reasons for Selecting a Single Solution for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) 2012-07 RFC 6670 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6720
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-gtsm)
The Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM) for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) 2012-08 RFC 6720 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6790
(was draft-ietf-mpls-entropy-label)
The Use of Entropy Labels in MPLS Forwarding 2012-11 RFC 6790 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7274, RFC7447
3 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6826
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mldp-in-band-signaling)
Multipoint LDP In-Band Signaling for Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths 2013-01 RFC 6826 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7438
1 Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6829
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ipv6-pw-lsp-ping)
Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping for Pseudowire Forwarding Equivalence Classes (FECs) Advertised over IPv6 2013-01 RFC 6829 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6923
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-itu-t-identifiers)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Identifiers Following ITU-T Conventions 2013-05 RFC 6923 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6941
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-security-framework)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Security Framework 2013-04 RFC 6941 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
  RFC 6965
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-use-cases-and-design)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Applicability: Use Cases and Design 2013-08 RFC 6965 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 6974
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-ring-protection)
Applicability of MPLS Transport Profile for Ring Topologies 2013-07 RFC 6974 (Informational) 2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7026
(was draft-ietf-mpls-retire-ach-tlv)
Retiring TLVs from the Associated Channel Header of the MPLS Generic Associated Channel 2013-09 RFC 7026 (Proposed Standard) Spencer Dawkins
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7032
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-dod)
LDP Downstream-on-Demand in Seamless MPLS 2013-10 RFC 7032 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7054
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-mip-mep-map)
Addressing Requirements and Design Considerations for Per-Interface Maintenance Entity Group Intermediate Points (MIPs) 2013-11 RFC 7054 (Informational) Stewart Bryant
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7060
(was draft-ietf-mpls-targeted-mldp)
Using LDP Multipoint Extensions on Targeted LDP Sessions 2013-11 RFC 7060 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7087
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-rosetta-stone)
A Thesaurus for the Interpretation of Terminology Used in MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Internet-Drafts and RFCs in the Context of the ITU-T's Transport Network Recommendations 2013-12 RFC 7087 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Ross Callon
  RFC 7110
(was draft-ietf-mpls-return-path-specified-lsp-ping)
Return Path Specified Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping 2014-01 RFC 7110 (Proposed Standard) 2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7140
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mldp-hsmp)
LDP Extensions for Hub and Spoke Multipoint Label Switched Path 2014-03 RFC 7140 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7358
2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7167
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-p2mp-framework)
A Framework for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS in Transport Networks 2014-04 RFC 7167 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7190
(was draft-ietf-mpls-multipath-use)
Use of Multipath with MPLS and MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) 2014-03 RFC 7190 (Informational) 1 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7212
(was draft-ietf-mpls-gach-adv)
MPLS Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh) Advertisement Protocol 2014-06 RFC 7212 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7213
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-ethernet-addressing)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Next-Hop Ethernet Addressing 2014-06 RFC 7213 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7214
(was draft-ietf-mpls-moving-iana-registries)
Moving Generic Associated Channel (G-ACh) IANA Registries to a New Registry 2014-05 RFC 7214 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Ross Callon
  RFC 7271
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-psc-itu)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Linear Protection to Match the Operational Expectations of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, Optical Transport Network, and Ethernet Transport Network Operators 2014-06 RFC 7271 (Proposed Standard) 1 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7274
(was draft-ietf-mpls-special-purpose-labels)
Allocating and Retiring Special-Purpose MPLS Labels 2014-06 RFC 7274 (Proposed Standard) Alia Atlas
Ross Callon
  RFC 7307
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-multi-topology)
LDP Extensions for Multi-Topology 2014-07 RFC 7307 (Proposed Standard) 2 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7308
(was draft-ietf-mpls-extended-admin-group)
Extended Administrative Groups in MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE) 2014-07 RFC 7308 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7324
(was draft-ietf-mpls-psc-updates)
Updates to MPLS Transport Profile Linear Protection 2014-07 RFC 7324 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7325
(was draft-ietf-mpls-forwarding)
MPLS Forwarding Compliance and Performance Requirements 2014-08 RFC 7325 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7349
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-hello-crypto-auth)
LDP Hello Cryptographic Authentication 2014-08 RFC 7349 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7358
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-applicability-label-adv)
Label Advertisement Discipline for LDP Forwarding Equivalence Classes (FECs) 2014-10 RFC 7358 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7394
(was draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-ttl-tlv)
Definition of Time to Live TLV for LSP-Ping Mechanisms 2014-11 RFC 7394 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7412
(was draft-ietf-mpls-smp-requirements)
Requirements for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Shared Mesh Protection 2014-12 RFC 7412 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7438
(was draft-ietf-mpls-mldp-in-band-wildcard-encoding)
Multipoint LDP (mLDP) In-Band Signaling with Wildcards 2015-01 RFC 7438 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7439
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ipv6-only-gap)
Gap Analysis for Operating IPv6-Only MPLS Networks 2015-01 RFC 7439 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7442
(was draft-ietf-mpls-pim-sm-over-mldp)
Carrying Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) in Any-Source Multicast (ASM) Mode Trees over Multipoint LDP (mLDP) 2015-02 RFC 7442 (Proposed Standard) 1 Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7447
(was draft-ietf-mpls-deprecate-bgp-entropy-label)
Deprecation of BGP Entropy Label Capability Attribute 2015-02 RFC 7447 (Proposed Standard) Spencer Dawkins
Loa Andersson
  RFC 7453
(was draft-ietf-mpls-tp-te-mib)
MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Traffic Engineering (TE) Management Information Base (MIB) 2015-02 RFC 7453 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
Young Lee
Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
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Candidate for WG Adoption
Ross Callon
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In ISE Review
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Call For Adoption By WG Issued
Loa Andersson
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  draft-kompella-mpls-rmr-00 Resilient MPLS Rings 2014-10-26 I-D Exists
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  draft-kumarkini-mpls-spring-lsp-ping-02 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping/Trace for Segment Routing Networks Using MPLS Dataplane 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
  draft-li-mpls-ldp-mt-mib-06 Management Information Base for MPLS LDP Multi Topology 2014-12-10 I-D Exists
Candidate for WG Adoption
Loa Andersson
  draft-manral-mpls-rfc3811bis-04 Definitions of Textual Conventions (TCs) for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management 2014-09-05
expires soon
I-D Exists
Candidate for WG Adoption
Mach Chen
  draft-mda-mpls-tp-p2mp-oam-framework-00 Framework for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS-TP OAM 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
  draft-mirsky-mpls-bfd-directed-02 Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) Directed Return Path 2015-02-12 I-D Exists
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  draft-ravisingh-mpls-el-for-seamless-mpls-04 Entropy label for seamless MPLS 2014-10-27 I-D Exists
Candidate for WG Adoption
Loa Andersson
  draft-sboyapati-mpls-lmdm-00 Selection of MPLS LSP's based on Loss and Delay Measurement values. 2015-01-30 I-D Exists
  draft-tiruveedhula-mpls-mldp-mib-03 Definitions of Managed Objects for the LDP Point-to-Multipoint and Multipoint-to-Multipoint Label Switched Paths 2014-10-10 I-D Exists
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  draft-you-mpls-spring-sfc-oam-01 Service Function Chaining OAM in MPLS-SPRING Networks 2015-01-11 I-D Exists
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  draft-zhang-mpls-tp-yang-oam-00 YANG Data Model for MPLS-TP Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) 2014-09-25 I-D Exists
  draft-zheng-mpls-lsp-ping-yang-cfg-00 Yang Data Model for LSP-PING 2015-02-12 I-D Exists